9 Dec

There are many Natural Food Festivalsthat are celebrated on a regular basis. In addition to being fun, the festivals that are well-managed can bring hosts social and economic benefits.  The benefits are similar to that of the tourism industry – where tourism offers the opportunity of bringing the community together to instill knowledge and generate a sense of community pride.

There are many economic benefits of these festivals that can easily be seen and there are festivals that are known to attract visitors and stimulate the growth of tourism and business in the town and overall region. The social benefits of festivals may not be seen as easily but they are mutually important. These festivals may foster community pride, teach people different things, and strengthen relationships.  However, it is not easy to host a festival.

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Local festival:

When there is a local festival, the visitors will come and spend money, ultimately boosting the economy. The onsite spending includes souvenir sales, beverages, foods, parking fees and admission fees. Festivals offer free marketing and advertising for the local businesses since the visitors talk about fun experiences they had after they get home.  The popularity also increases if the visitors decide to post photos of their experience on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Planning for a festival:

It is important to involve many people when it comes to planning and conducting a festival and this will yield many benefits. One thing people can enjoy if they get involved in the planning of a local festival is having an opportunity to help others build their community and to foster a sense of pride.Experts say that hometown pride is an important factor for improving and developing the community.

Food festivals are important since people take time to learn about the things that determine price as well as evoking a good feeling. The attendees can learn how to do different things such as making poppy seeds, apricots, and prunes, or they can learn about growing beans.Regardless of the theme of the festival, the visitors will walk away learning something new. Most festivals are educational and provide social and educational benefits and they are meant to help people understand the benefits of eating natural foods. After a festival, people usually agree that they have learned something new about natural foods.

Nutritional info:

Attendees also get to learn about thenutritional benefitsof the foods and they develop a relationship between themselves. Both private and public organizations can also form a bond with neighborhood groups.  The hosts of a festival also get to know how to run successful events and to avoid certain pitfalls in the future. In some ways, the event forces people to learn about financial planning, budgeting, site management, and strategic planning.

25 Nov

If you like the idea of the Natural Food Festivals, you may be interested in the beans and especially the Mung beans.  This is a green and small legume that is in the same plant family as lentils and peas. It is a high source of fiber, protein, phytonutrients and antioxidants.  Even if this type of bean is not that popular in some places as black beans or chickpeas, it has many health benefits.


Growing beans:

Even if growing beanssuch as mung beans can be something new in the US, it has been part of the Ayurvedic diet for many years. The Mung beans are known to be among the cherished foods in ancient India and used in traditional medicine.

Nowadays, Mung beans may be used in protein powder, canned soups, in the restaurants or in US dishes. It is important to get all the information that you can about Mung beans. The Mung beans have a high level of nutrients such as zinc, copper, folate, magnesium, potassium and manganese. They have high levels of protein, fiber, resistant starch and protein. The beans are found in the dried powder form when they are not cooked; they are split peeled form or they can be made into the bean noodles. They may also be taken like sprouted seeds. The dried seeds are eaten when they are still raw, milled, fermented, grounded in flour or cooked. Because of the nutritional benefitsof these beans, they are known to protect against obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, age -related and chronic diseases.

Clinical evidence:

Clinical evidence continues to show that plant-derived foods may have many health benefits which include lowering inflammation. Health experts recommend that plant-based foods take up a good portion of every person’s diet. Among such foods, mung beans are getting more attention.

As recorded, plant protein is high in mung foods and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. According to research, mung beans perform certain biological activities which include antitumor effects, antihypertensive, lipid metabolism accommodation, antihypertensive, ant diabetic, anti-inflammatory reactions, antimicrobial and antioxidants.


Studies done on mung beans:

Studies done on mung beans found that they are effective in reducing LDL known as bad cholesterol oxidation. Mung beans are able to regulate the cholesterol level since they have antioxidants that act like free radical scavengers; they reverse the damage done on the blood vessels and they lower inflammation.

Mung beans can fight cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure as well. The anti-hypertensive effect of beans comes from high concentration of the protein fragment called peptides. They do help in decreasing the constricting of blood vessels which is known to raise blood pressure.  Lastly, higher levels of amino acids are known to fight off cancer.

23 Nov

Natural Food Festivalshelp attendeeslearn how to live a healthy lifestyle and buy products free from artificial additives, coloring, and preservatives. Both certified foods and specialty foods adhere to strict standards and they must comply with the dietary preferences and restrictions. Regardless of the case, all festival foods are committedto helping the people find organic and natural foods.


At festivals you can request the types of foods that you want. There is usually a dedicated place where people can get the food products they like. There are experts who are available and they educate people about the natural foods department and they are available to answer any questions. Natural foods are of high value and quality. At these festivals, both the delicious and nutritious foods come hand in hand.

The natural or organic foods:

Natural or organic foods are found in many selections and it is not much of a problem to find everything you need, such as whole body treats and the latest snacks. There is now an entire selection of natural and organic products needed to make it easy for the user to get the foods they want wherever they are. And, of course, there are several people who are available to answer any questions that you may have.


If you are interested in growing beans,you need to start by learning the types of beans that you need to cultivate. The beans are a rewarding cropwhich can grow in different climate ranges. Growing beans in the warm summer helps to produce protein rich, green pods.

Snap beans:

Snap beans are the most popular. There are pole and bush beans with different colors, sizes and shapes. The tender filet beans andgreen snap beans have delicate, slender, and strangled pods. They can be grown like any other snap bean. Dry soup beans can grow like snap beans but their immature pods will stay tender for several days while the plants will be in a hurry to produce the mature pods which will stay tender for many days before the produce matures. Scarlet runner beans have clusters of red blossoms and they attract bumblebees and hummingbirds. People may eat the young pods such as snap beans or the pods can be dried and then harvested into mature beans. The growth period is 60 days. Lima beans are able to stand up to the humid heat with heavy amounts of insects and this makes them a fine bean for the warm climate. Yard long beans are cultivated because of the long and slender pods.

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The pods can turn burgundy or green and sometimes streaked. Tepary beans are a type of dry bean and they are developed by the native people of the Southwest and they can easily adapt to the desert conditions. Besides learning how to plant these beans, it is also important to be aware of the nutritional benefitsof them.